We Are Still Here To Help!

Witnessing the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in our community, it is important to know – we are still here to help!

Here at Blue Envelope, we are committed to the health of our community by promoting wellness through education, prevention and early detection. We focus on cancer, heart disease mental health and wellness. Since 1958, we have made the health and well-being of Natrona County and its residents a priority.

During these unprecedented times, we are here to support your community programs. We have long believed that funds should go where needed at the local level.

Over the years, we have supported many community health-related services like CPR classes, Wyoming Medical Center programs, Central Wyoming Hospice, the Olivia Caldwell Foundation Pediatric Specialty Clinic and various first responder and law enforcement programs throughout the county. These are just a few of the many community programs that Blue Envelope has proudly supported over the years.


Are you next? Does your community program fall in line with our health-related mission? Let us help you continue to serve our community. Connect with us today to get funded and continue to make a difference!