The Blue Envelope Health Fund is committed to the health of our community by promoting wellness through education,
prevention and early detection
, with the focus on Cancer, Heart Disease and Mental Health.



Dedicated to serving the community.


Since its founding in Casper in 1958, the Blue Envelope Health Fund has always been about community and caring through a unique, all-volunteer local organization focused on health care issues.


This special concept for dealing with health-related issues had its beginnings in the early 1950’s, when, in response to an alarming number of rheumatic fever cases in Casper, which at that time had a population of 27,000, a program of throat swabbing to detect strep infection, the precursor of rheumatic fever, was implemented under the direction of Dr. Brendan Phibbs with the support and assistance of the Natrona County medical community.


This innovative program involved an army of volunteer mothers who, after receiving the appropriate training, undertook the throat swabbing project at all the Casper elementary schools. This true community effort to deal with the rheumatic fever problem resulted nationwide attention as the only enforced mass throat culture in the country.


In order to support the community’s throat culture program and realizing what motivated volunteers could accomplish while working with the Casper medical community, a group of concerned citizens formed a local organization to support a campaign against the three major diseases of the time – cancer, heart disease and mental illness.


Focusing on these issues, Blue Envelope formed three Divisions for Cancer, Heart Disease and Mental Illness which have their own officers and members who study and recommend expenditures which are then voted on by the Blue Envelope Board of Directors.


Why is this special organization called “The Blue Envelope Health Fund?” Continuing a philosophy which endures to this day, Blue Envelope has always stressed that donations should go where intended at the local level, to help with health care, and not for overhead expenses and when, in the early days of the organization, a low bid on envelopes, which turned out to be blue instead of white, was received, the Blue Envelope board started using those envelopes which soon became identified with the organization and eventually became the legal name.


Through the years, the Blue Envelope Heath Fund has supported many community health-related services including CPR training classes, YMCA programs, and cardiac rehabilitation along with direct financial assistance and has been instrumental in the establishment of the Life Flight air ambulance service in Wyoming, the Central Wyoming Counseling Center and the Central Wyoming Hospice program.


In 1973, Blue Envelope organized the Blue Envelope Health Fair which is annually attended by several thousand people and in 2001, to further promote wellness and disease prevention, a Wellness Division was established with the goal of developing a community wellness program in partnership with other community health organizations.

Programs Funded in our Community by decade


Mountain View Regional Hospital CPR Equipment
Youth Crisis Center
Town of Evansville Fire Station Improvements
Central Wyoming Counseling Center
Youth Empowerment Council
AED’s Carenet, JATC, Casper Event Center, Highland Park Community Church, Masterson’,
Fort Casper Museum, Municipal Airport, Casper College
Wyoming Medical Center Foundation Emergency Room Improvement
Midwest Community Health Clinic
Tipsy Taxi
InterFaith Medications for Homeless
Rocky Mountain Oncology Patient Van Lease, $3,000 for Patient recipe books
Angels Program
Central Wyoming Hospice Program
Casper Natrona County Health Department CPR Equipment

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for Alcova, Pathfinder Boat Club, Casper College, Esterbrook,
Sheriff’s Dept., Casper Events Center, Jail, YMCA, CWCC, Senior Center, Boy Scouts, Cancer Center,
Natrona County School District
3 Wheel Chairs for Natrona County Library
Esterbrook Community First Aid Supplies
Great Body Shop in elementary education
Crash Cart for Pediatrics
Games/Videos for Pediatrics
Radio for Patient Transport Bus
Development of Be Well Community Wellness Program
CPR Instruction Program
Strep Throat Culture Program
Life Flight Monitor
Riverton Hospice Program
50 Capes for Radiation Oncology
Various Educational Conferences
Patient Education Videos
Central Wyoming Counseling Center
Automatic External Defibrillators for the Community
City of Evansville Ambulance
Mills Volunteer Fire Department
Wyoming Medical Center Helicopter Equipment
Transitions Hospice Program
Natrona County Enhanced Cardiac Care Program
Project Life Savers
Midwest Community Health Program
Angels Program
Two vans for Rocky Mountain Oncology for patient transport
Youth Empowerment Council
Casper College Foundation
Defibrillators for the Natrona County Airport


Gift to WMC Oncology Library
Mammography Equipment – WMC
United Blood Services
Grant – Research Heart Disease
Cancer Treatment Center
Oncology Bookmobile – Pain Management Videos
Blood Pressure Unit & other Equipment
Blanket Warmer
Electrophysiology Equip – WMC Cardiac Lab
Van/bus and Ramp – WMC
Oncology Dept. WMC – oximeters, computers & Printers
Health Dept – Vaccinations
Teleradiology Equipment
MMR Immunizations
Furnish WMC room for term patients
Appliances & Videos – Oncology WMC
Donation to Korageous Kids
Diabetes Test Equipment & Supplies
Adult Day Care – Patient Lift
WMC Pain Management Fund
Life Flight Equipment
United Blood Services – Flash Freezer
Heart Monitors
Hepatitis B Immunizations
Books for Cancer Resource Center
Donations to G. Kelly Pain Management Fund
Automated External Defibrillator for use in city locations
Walk-in Tub for Hospice
Capes & Gowns used in Cancer Treatment
Computer & Printer for Cancer Office
Oncology Education
Special Scale for Diabetes Education Department – WMC


Telecopier WMC
Centrifuge WMC
Dose Calibrator WMC
Blood Cell Counter
Cardiac Life Support
Telemetry System (Step Down Unit)
Equipment for Brain Surgery & recovery
Replacement of Nuclear Medicine Scanning Equipment
Additional Telemetry Equipment
Microscope to Technologist Training
Rescue Equipment for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims
Nuclear Medicine – Craniotome
Pressure monitors
WMC Lab Drug Toxicity tester
Cascade Radiation Therapy Simulator
Leitz Dual Observation Microscope
Pacemaker Tester
ICU Monitors
Fire Dept Squad Car Emergency Equipment
Natrona County Airport Crash Fire Rescue Disaster Unit
Life Flight
Midwest Clinic
Hospice Elevator
Life Flight


Rib Spreaders
Ohio Respirators
Ventilation Equipment
Alligator Forceps
Oxygen Analyzer
Fibro-optic Endoscopic Equipment
Oxygen Analyzer & Telethermometer
Pulmonary Analyzer
Transport Incubator & Parts
Cardiac Emergency Cart
Regulator for Incubator
Special TV Equipment for Radiology
Mark II Injection Equipment
Gamma Camera
Tri-axis Neurology Chair
Operating Microscope
Blood Bank Equipment
Chemotherapy for Cancer patients
Addition to Gamma Camera
Cell Washer
Datascope Monitor
Babybird Ventilator
Bronchofiberscope w/light
Calculator & Computer
WMC Hospital Foundation
Blood Bank Expenses
Refrigerator for RIA
Cryostat (for Pathology Dept. Frozen section specimens)
Linear Accelerator Room – Hospital
Rheumatic Fever Lab Equipment
Casper College Foundation – Radiology


Cardioversion Unit for Hospital
Grant for Heart Disease Research
Grants for Cancer Research
Equipped Special Room – New Wing Hospital
Cancer Registry – Supports & maintains the largest cancer registry in the state,
approved by the American College of Surgeons.
Grant – Funds from BE made possible the establishment of the 1st Cancer Research Bed in
Wyoming under the Damon Runyon Cancer Program.
Grants for Cancer Research @ Sloan-Kettering Institute and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Grant for
Heart Disease Research – Irene Abelow C.U. Medical School
Autoclave for Strep Lab
Carbon Dioxide Incubator for Strep Lab
Grant for Strep Research
Blood Warmer
Resuscitation Machine
Detection of Abnormal Heart rhythms Equipment
Research Grants for Heart Disease
X-Ray Treatment Stretcher
Special Bed Scale
ECCV Cardio. w/ventilator
Equipment for New Coronary Care Unit – Telemetry
Defibrillating Equipment
Magnascanner update Equipment
Pin & Arc Beam Localizer for Cobalt Treatments
Blood Gas analyzer